Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Still Here

I am still alive, just not as fit and healthy as I'd like to be.

Sabotage--when your sister's husband buys 3 CASES of Girl Scout Cookies and decides to get rid of them by sending them on your trip in the car for 20 hours of driving.

So not only, did I not exercise, I ate crappy. And seeing Skinny SIL Whit didn't help (no offense whit) she was so good about her WW points and all.

I'm not giving up, just having a hard time getting motivated. I'll get there, but can't possibly reach my "lose 30 pounds by 30th b-day" goal. I'm sticking with this challenge and at least I have a couple more months left to prove I didn't fail!


Carrie said...

That is right where I am! But I am starting over as of today. It is the 1st, why not right? Good luck you can do this. Today is a good day to restart with me! You in?

Karilynn said...

Go Kari! The best part about this comp is that it's anybodies game ever month. There is still money to be won! ;o) So you and Carrie should join forces and kick some booty. And what is this "lose 30 pounds by the 30th day" thing? I WANNA PLAY!!

Melissa said...

It IS hard to get motivated, isn't it?!! I hope you find your groove!

Whitney said...

Kar!! You can do it crazy girl. But ya.. how freakin unfair of Gabe! JERK!!!! LOL Doesn't he know GS cookies mean sheer death for any and all diets??!! LOL

You still have time... you can do it! You should really join WW it helps sooooo much!

BTW~ We are still trying to get rid of the GS Cookies you left here. MEANIES!! haha I broke down and ate a a couple last night. dangit!

Kristi said...

AHHHH, girl scout cookies!!! Those are nearly impossible to resist!!!!