Thursday, February 5, 2009

Weigh In

I was kind of dreading today...getting on the scale. I usually feel like such a failure when I slack off on exercise or eating right. I did try to do better the last couple days, now that everyone is healthy again. So that does feel good. It feels good to be a bit sore too.

So, here it is:
134.5...that's a 6.5 lb loss! I'm so encouraged.

I have to say that exercise has really made the difference for me this time. I am losing fat and not just weight. All the times I've tried before have mainly focused on eating...and while you can't lose weight without changing eating habits, I always managed to avoid exercising and still lost.

Of course, it always came back--hence my participation in this challenge. But this time, by focusing on exercising + eating the right foods, I can maximize my efforts. Of course up until now, I haven't been that picky about the food part--just smaller portions. I just imagine what my results could be if I plug in the right foods. I'm motivated to do just that.

I had steel cut oats for breakfast (which I actually think are very yummy...subtly sweet) and fresh fruit.

So look out fellow losers! ;)


Karilynn said...

Woot woot! WTG! You are obviously working hard. Isn't it amazing how it feels like you are changing your whole life and not just one or two parts of it? CONGRATS Kari!

Melissa said...

I think you are completely agree with what you said! I lost weight by just eating less, but I gained it back. Exercise is not only healthy for your body, but helps maintain weight loss.

Great job on your weight loss!

Whitney said...

Go you Kar! Me and Cyn have goals to be all hot and skinny when we go to Utah in April. No way am I getting a family picture being chubby, again. I expect you to be skinny to sista! ;-) I really am proud of you. I need to get on the exercise bandwagon. So far I've just been doing the WW points, but I know I'll hit the wall with that very soon.