Monday, January 19, 2009

Check in

Thanks for the support and well wishes, you guys rock! I actually did get some wii time in on Saturday with the kids. Not as much as I'd usually do, but some. I felt horrible yesterday--still sick. Last night I tool some Theraflu and had a good night's sleep and this morning feel okay. Not great, but better than before. So that is something.

I did go a little lax on eating good over the weekend. Guess my ability to make healthy decisions was impaired by the head cold. So I did weigh in this morning with a 0.8 lb gain at 9am. But my early mornings start again tomorrow when the kids go back to school, so I think I will weigh in again tomorrow morning and see how it compares since my normal weigh in is usually 6am or earlier.

After measuring, I am down 2 1/4 in. from last week, so that is something. Here's to a better, healthier week.


shrinkingme said...

The weekends are always the hardest, they suck! We have the kids home, our husbands are home making it easier to "cheat" and we can actually sleep in. I am so sorry you were sick last week, it makes all those factors even harder. I hope this week gives you all that you are working for. And dont't stress the teenie tiny gain, our bodies are adjusting and you are doing so great!!

Kristi said...

Wow, the 2.5 inches is awesome!!! That's a big difference. Congrats. Can you tell that in your clothes ? Keep up the great work!!

Karilynn said...

Yay for inches! When the scale isn't being as friendly as you would like, the measuring tape seems to always remind you that your hard work IS making a difference.