Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Set backs

Here we are, 4 weeks in and I'm already hitting setbacks. I was sick again yesterday. Woke up feeling HORRIBLE. achy, sick to my stomach, not good. And it was my son's 4th b-day and HE was sick. So I didn't bother exercising or weighing in. Feeling a little better today, but I think I will still take it easy and start up again tomorrow. At least, I haven't been eating a bunch of junk as well. So that's something right?


Vicki said...

Sorry you have been feeling yucky. I feel so bad when the little ones are sick on their birthdays... Hopefully you are all completely better soon.
It is awesome you haven't been eating junk! So be happy for that triumph. I have had a few days of weakness in that area.

Kristi said...

Oh man, sorry you've been getting sick lately. Tis the season, huh? I hate the winter flu/cold season. I cleaned up one of my boys throw up for the first time yesterday. Welcome to motherhood, right? Anyway, hope you get to feeling better!!!

Minderella said...

Just remember that when you are sick it is better to rest and recover than to push yourself and then stay sick longer. I know the feeling of wanting to exercise when I am sick just because I can't. :) Funny how we do that.